Nowadays it is a must to have a solid security plan. We develop security concepts to have your security in order. We inventory all possible vulnerabilities and devise a plan to stay ahead of hackers. We are a solid partner in both software and hardware. Contact us to protect your organization.

We secure your IT infrastructure

Unfortunately, protecting corporate data and assets does not provide easy answers. No action or technology guarantees safety. Instead, secure business is achieved through a measured consideration of several factors specific to your unique business environment. So do not wait and request your personal risk analysis right away.

What is IT security?

IT security protects your technological infrastructure against various threats such as crackers, corporate espionage, phishing or malware. In terms of protective measures, 4 sectors are generally distinguished: software, hardware, physical and human/organizational.

Why is IT security important?

IT security protects your company against the adverse effects of the aforementioned threats. This way you avoid bad customer experiences or reputation damage and you monitor the integrity of your company and customers. Moreover, if threats can persist, they cost a lot of time and money. Prevention is better than cure.

Why choose Syntens Solutions' IT security?

For Syntens solutions, secure solutions are based on a thorough integration of technology, processes and people. From identity management to patch management methodology, every sub-aspect is fundamental to your security strategy. To determine this strategy, we always start from a thorough Security Risk Assessment, which includes an evaluation of 6 weeks. In this way, we give you an objective picture of your current security status and a clear, valued list of recommended improvement actions.

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