Types of digital price tags

Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of electronic price labels: segment labels, graphic labels and digital posters or smart posters. The simplest variants are segment tags, which are often used, for example, as digital warehouse labels. They provide clear text information without further ado. The graphic labels go a step further, on which you can also share graphic information. After all, smart posters are the most versatile and offer a lot of space for images and graphic elements such as logos. For example, they are excellent for promotions, specialties or in-store marketing. All tag types are also available in different sizes, from small to XXL.

  • The benefits of electronic price labels
  • User-friendly and versatile
  • Limited investment cost and payback time
  • Linking with all software systems, including POS and Outlook
  • Full price and inventory automation
  • Transposes online sales benefits offline
  • Long battery life of 5 years
  • The ecological alternative to paper labels

Digital price labels

Electronic marketing posters, digital warehouse tags, presence display meeting room... The possibilities grow quickly once you decide to digitize your price tags. Not only do you exchange the paper mountain for a 100% ecological alternative; with a battery life of 5 years, the investment cost is minimal and the payback time is short. After all, with digital price labels you save enormously on working time, production costs and stock management. You sell more with higher margins, today and tomorrow. Below you can read exactly how that works, what advantages digital prices and warehouses offer you, and why.

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Price automation 

Electronic price tags make your store more accessible, precise, efficient and effective. Due to the enormous increase in online shopping, this has become a duty of every offline shop. Prices are changing faster than ever. Fast, detailed and correct price adjustments have thus become the key to your profit margin.

That is exactly what makes the digitization of your pricing system possible. You can link your digital price tags with POS, link with Outlook and link with all software systems that increase the efficiency of your store, warehouse or company. In this way, price adjustments are not only quick, but also informed: adapted to the market and to your specific context.

The result is better sales and higher profit margins. Meanwhile, your price index remains optimized at all times. Promotions are better targeted and therefore more effective. Sell ​​faster and waste less. The same goes for price drops, which you can also better control at the same time. This way you increase your return and avoid unnecessary promotions or involuntary discounts. Plus, it all goes hand in hand with significant savings in personnel costs, as your employees no longer have to spend their time changing price tags, correcting pricing errors or handling price complaints.

Inventory Automation 

Stocks are never too small or too big with digital warehouse labels. In addition, your digital inventory guides your employees and customers through your store more smoothly than ever. This way you never miss out on sales or waste valuable company resources. Replenishing the racks is more efficient, as is finding and picking the right products. After all, electronic tickets not only provide price and product information, they also remember the location of your products.

In times of online shopping, this is perhaps the most important asset for the offline retailer. With digital labels you build the offline store of the future. You organize a click and collect service or make online purchases immediately available offline. You combine the strengths of your locality with the strengths of the worldwide web. You provide better customer service and work more efficiently and effectively. Continuous, real-time control over your stocks is an added bonus. You always know the exact quantity and location of your goods, while your pricing system automatically detects when stocks need to be replenished. 

Bring online sales benefits offline

Electronic labels don't just put your prices and stocks online; they also bring the benefits of online shopping to your offline shop. Here too, you can improve your customers' shopping experience with online tools, directly in the store. So your customers get the same, excellent service everywhere -- whether they shop on your website or in your store. Product reviews, search assistance, immediate product deliveries... It's all at your fingertips with a digital pricing system.

In addition, you immediately increase the possibilities for in-store marketing. You seize every opportunity to activate your customers when it really matters: at the moment of the purchase itself. Is there a new promotion? Then you have immediately adapted the content of your digital posters. This way you always reach your customer with the right message at the right time. Even vouchers, coupons or discounts no longer have to wait until after the settlement: you can offer them right away and your customer can use them right away. 

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Your own digital pricing system

That is so arranged. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss your options. Take the step into the future today and digitize your stores and warehouses. Monitor prices and stocks in real time and bring all the benefits of online shopping to your offline locations. We already guarantee you the gratitude of all your employees and customers.

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