Mobile lockers software

With our MoLoxz software platform, you can access your physical storage systems in the Cloud via a mobile app. Not only can you search and open lockers, you can also secure and manage, reserve or rent them. Welcome to the new facility management: flexible, time-saving, intelligent, secure and scalable. Would you like to receive more information about our MoLoxz iphone/android app? Do not hesitate to contact us and submit your project to us.

What is locker management?

Locker management is an important part of facility management. The locker manager manages lockers and other storage systems in your company. The larger these facilities become, the more cumbersome management becomes. Locker management automates this process and allows you to manage the lockers digitally, in the Cloud. This way you avoid hassle with keys and codes, locks, reservations or misuse. Handy for management, comfortable for your employees.

Why is mobile locker management important?

Online locker management saves time, space and money. It automates all regulating functions and facilitates a dynamic use of the cupboard space. This means you need fewer lockers and your employees benefit from ease of use. With 1 and the same app they can now enjoy all company facilities: from archives to Parcel lockers for parcel deliveries without nuisance.

Moreover, online locker management is not only convenient, it also improves security. After all, you now not only determine who has access to your buildings and when, but also to the lockers. Every reservation is automatically tracked and access rights are visible in 1 central place. Key management is simply no longer necessary.

Mobile locker solution for AEOS

Connect multiple Aeos systems to the cloud. Access your physical storage systems with Moloxz. Reserving a locker and paying online with stripe or mollie.

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Why choose MoLoxz from Syntens Solutions?

In the Netherlands, Nedap's AEOS is the safest security management system par excellence. This powerful app based on network technology combines all possible security systems for your company. For example, the program makes it possible to automate, centralize and integrate your security into 1 clear whole. AEOS is known for its ease of use and customer-friendly. The interface is in the Cloud, is task-oriented and intuitive.

With this system as the backbone, Syntens Solutions developed MoLoxz, a unique app that goes one step further. Thanks to our cloud-based software platform, your AEOS security management becomes mobile. Users and administrators can control their lockers from their smartphone. Whenever or wherever, MoLoxz allows them to search, open or close free cabinets. Online reservation is also possible via a simple shop function. This enables dynamic use of the lockers and, if desired, you can even monetize your storage spaces through (Parcel) locker rental. Support comes from the handy, built-in chat function, which allows you to communicate directly with your employees or customers 24/7.

MoLoxz stands for even more flexibility, even more cost savings and even fewer worries. In addition, the AEOS/MoLoxz combination stands for an extremely safe and intelligent system that is easily scalable. Foresight and ease of use go hand in hand here.

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