Control management for the future

Wouldn't it be nice if you could centralize all your tickets and access control systems in one place? Would you be able to make keys and badges obsolete and mobile for good? The latest mobile access control app makes it possible. It is aimed at all users of the AEOS platform and/or the AXIS A1001 door access system. The smart software mobilizes your complete access management, including admission tickets and time registration. Get to know the all-in-one solution for your access management and open the door to the future.

For whom?

The admission ticket for your event, the crowd control of your spectacle, the rental of your office spaces, the daily access to your company buildings for employees and visitors... It can all be simpler and safer with the latest app for mobile access control. Forget the hassle of keys, cards, badges or other expensive, low-maintenance entrance tickets and embrace the mobile future fully. Simply open doors with your smartphone, tablet or laptop and centralize your access management directly online. This gives you access everywhere and you always remain in control.

For what?

Our app is specifically tailored to the AEOS and AXIS A1001 door access system. Simply put, it allows you to use your smartphone or any mobile device as a key. With that key you can not only open doors, but also keep track of attendance, reserve access, do time registration and much more. After all, with your mobile as an entrance ticket, the identification badge becomes redundant and access control becomes easier, faster and safer. Giving or withdrawing permission is once so easy and waiting for tickets or other physical license plates is no longer necessary. A simple email link and a wireless access point are all you need.

For which devices?

Users of the AEOS platform already know how flexible their network is. Our app fits in perfectly and supports both Near-Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). That is why it is compatible with almost all smartphone types, whether it concerns Android or Mac operating systems. Your device doesn't even have to be active to use the app. Special attention is also given to users of the AXIS A1001 door control system, which connects seamlessly with our app.

Ease of use

So why choose mobile access control? First of all, because it is exceptionally easy to use. With the smartphone as an entrance ticket, you make all other physical identification systems superfluous in one fell swoop. Even keys are largely a thing of the past. In this way no one can lose, forget, wear out, steal or abuse anything.

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This way you not only save effort, but also money. After all, you no longer have to spend your time producing, maintaining, registering or deregistering different physical identification systems. Even key management becomes much easier. In addition, you can centralize not only access, but also control in one place: online. As a control manager you have always seen everything, everywhere and immediately.


Therefore, mobile access control is not only easier and cheaper, but also more secure. Is a smartphone lost or does a new visitor have to gain access; then this is also done at a glance. Deregistering and revoking access no longer involves endless hassle. A push of a button is enough. All possible risks associated with physical evidence disappear.


And that also applies to the material disadvantages. Mobile access control is the ecological alternative. It banishes plastics, prints and all other unnecessary footprints.



The app for mobile access control makes your control management completely future-proof. You enjoy all the advantages of the mobile admission ticket and unite all aspects of your access security in one place: from access control, over time registration and access reservation. You will receive a mobile solution tailored to your AEOS and/or AXIS A1001 systems and you can also count on our expertise and technical support at all times, 24/7. That is why the mobile access control cannot be doubted. So feel free to contact us with all your questions or order our app online right away. Go mobile and open the door to the future of your access management.

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