Enterprise Business Solutions

The flexibility, scalability, reliability and relatively low cost of the Microsoft business platform make it the ideal foundation for running large-scale, mission-critical CRM and ERP applications.

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Syntens Solutions integrates your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) into a total Enterprise Business Solution. Contact us for more information.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Originating in the manufacturing sector, ERP services are easy to transpose to other business types and government agencies. Usually an ERP program consists of several sub-programs, each with their own task. This way, all business processes can be integrated into 1 system.

Why is ERP important?

An ERP system makes data immediately accessible, everywhere in the company. It reduces error margins, improves communications, increases work efficiency and reduces costs. It is the tool for a dynamic market, where your rapid response to new opportunities is crucial and where agile, flexible and tightly integrated organizations are successful.

Why choose Syntens Solutions' ERP?

The ERP services of Syntens Solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics Business central. We deliver fully tested, pre-compiled code and services tailored to your industry. This allows you to experience the added value and return of your ERP project faster. We oversee both the construction of the underlying platform and the rollout of the apps themselves.

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