Business Intelligence

There is a big gap between data and insight. Businesses are inundated with data, with the challenge of turning that data into actionable information. That way you can make the right decisions.

We let you benefit from your business knowledge

Contact us with your Business Intelligence project. Together we convert data into knowledge and ensure that your decisions stay ahead of the competition.

What is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) finds ways to take advantage of existing business information across the organization. A BI system automates data collection and integrates data from all business systems and branches. In this way it creates effective information, business knowledge and strategic insight.

Why is business intelligence important?

The modern BI challenge is to bring together and integrate data in a cost-efficient way to create effective business knowledge. Good BI allows you to take informed actions that improve business results. At the same time, it gives all company employees access to better data, so they can work better. This makes your organization smarter, faster and more cost-efficient.

Why choose Syntens Solutions' business intelligence?

Syntens Solutions helps you to utilize the knowledge treasure buried in your organization. We integrate reporting, analysis and information distribution with the tools your employees use every day. We provide specific expertise and solutions for banking, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail and telecommunications. We provide a tailor-made approach and provide you with a complete, integrated view of your overall company health.

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