Innovate, consolidate. To optimize, standardize. And to integrate, today's CIOs must first expand their existing IT investments.

We offer your IT infrastructure flexibility

A complex, inflexible IT infrastructure is a brake on your business growth. We make your infrastructure simple and flexible. So don't hesitate to submit your IT project to us.

What is IT infrastructure?

Information Technology (IT) infrastructure or IT infrastructure comprises all components necessary to manage and operate an IT system. It can be set up in the cloud or via proprietary facilities. The main IT components are hardware, software, network parts, operating system (OS) and data storage.

Why do you need to tackle your IT infrastructure?

Mergers, acquisitions, business growth, system aging... There are many reasons why your IT infrastructure no longer supports your business. An IT investment is also usually the first step to innovate, consolidate, improve or standardize. In addition, you can look for cost savings here.

Why choose an IT infrastructure from Syntens Solutions?

Clumsy, unreliable and difficult to manage IT systems are a dead weight. Syntens Solutions tailors your systems and creates a dynamic IT infrastructure that is efficient, scalable and flexible. In the meantime, thanks to our Microsoft base, you can continue to take full advantage of existing investments. Thanks to our "zero-touch" method we don't even have to change the desktop of the end users. From data center to desktop, we offer you a complete service that runs punctually, smoothly and consistently.

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